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Masterpapers is a website where you could pay to get an academic paper written. These essays could be for high school, college, masters, or Ph.D. courses.

MasterPapers Review is user-friendly to a great extent. The website’s interface is easy to adapt with, and the options and content displayed on the website are very clear. When you go on to order a paper being written, you get to choose from a vast range of options for the time frame within the paper should be written, the academic degree for which it is to be written, the type of the paper, and the required length for your paper in pages. This makes it easy to make your order clear from the beginning to avoid future misunderstandings regarding the requirements, and to ensure that the writer who accepts the task can actually deliver on it.

Masterpapers writers

Almost every MasterPaper review is positive regarding the writers, whether the ones written on the website itself or on other review websites. However, there have been testimonials in which the company’s customers complained about the writers not being as highly qualified as claimed by the website. That is because the website claims that all of its writers carry Masters and Ph.D. degrees. Yet such complaints are not very prevalent.


MasterPapers has a fairly satisfying pricing system. When you design your order on the homepage, you get a rough pricing of the paper you are ordering. Every option on the four drop down menus that appear on the homepage has a separate price. For example, a paper needed within 1 day is much more expensive than one that you want to be delivered within a week or a month. The same goes for the number of pages and the academic degree. This makes the prices rather fair and ensures that you pay exactly for what you will get, no more and no less.

The payment on Masterpapers is also quite secure. All major credit cards are accepted on the website, as well as PayPal, and all payments are processed through an SSL-certified credit card processor. Also, some people have reported being given back their money when the service was not provided according to the order requirements stated by the customer.