Gradekeepers – A revolution in School Management Software

gradekeeper – The best school management software!

Grade keepers is one of the best online school management Software that not only allows you to keep track of the grades but also helps you with taking care and keeping track of other records that are encountered in day to day school’s working.

Gradekeepers Review

Here is a quick gradekeepers review:
The reason that gradekeeper is so amazing is it does more than just grade keeping, it handles the attendance of the students, it helps you deal with the seating arrangement of the students, it helps you set the parameters on which you would like to evaluate the student’s progress, helps you maintain and create progress reports on the basis of the data that you entered, is easily compatible with the internet world that is it makes it easier for the admin to send their wards report through email and to be posted on school website. It also has a dropbox feature to let you handle the software from your home also.
Now you can carry your work with you wherever you go. The grade keeper also features the Gradekeeper iPad App, where you can work from your iPad itself to set up new classes and to manage other work accordingly. And not only limited to iPad but it goes a step ahead and has also launched an iPhone App where you can use the software from your Smartphones also.

Many schools have given gradekeeper review and said they are highly satisfied with the way the software works for them. They say that the software gives them the freedom to prepare for assignments in future and to set up the attendance of the students in advance.
The time that used to get consumed in the manual work and doing manual entries has now lowered to a great extent and the time that is saved now can be utilized in putting more efforts in the betterment of students performance. Also, a holistic report of the students helps the teachers to analyze the student’s weak areas and to work on those areas for the upliftment of the student.
Try the grade keepers school management software today and get amazing results for your school. A school that has a systematic way of handling students progress, a system to inform and update the parents of their wards progress, a teacher support system that helps student for their betterment.